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ELISA TERRONE, known as PINKLADY in the art world, is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and Art Director. Pinklady is part of an established group since 2005, the LADYKILLERS, an all-female crew active in Italy and abroad through theatrical performances, participation in choreography contests, individual competitions, and international festivals. Since 2015, Pinklady has been leading the Torino Waacking project called TORINO WAACKING PROJECT, a collective of waackers of different ages united in the sole purpose of spreading Waacking culture. Recognized in Italy and abroad, they have won several Italian contests and performed as guests at the ALL EUROPE WAACKIN FESTIVAL DI PARIGI in 2019.


In 2018, together with BFujiko, she created one of the first Waacking and Voguing shows in Italy, PLASTIK DIVA, which deals with the important theme of self-discovery and free expression (Teatro Superga di Nichelino, Make Your Move, All Europe Waackin Festival Paris 2020).


Pinklady is the art director of IDEMO, a show combining music, dance, and theater available for streaming.


She is also a co-organizer of WHO'S THAT LADY?, BOOGIE DOWN, HIPHOP DAY, and KEY TO MOVE.

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