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"We believe that each individual is unique and therefore we have decided to guarantee an ad hoc path for each participant, with the aim of filling gaps and technical deficiencies, emphasizing the unique traits of each aspiring dancer."

Il Programma: Lezioni

Extended Program

Get The Floor_Extended Program offers professional training for urban and contemporary dancers who want to deepen their study in various disciplines and explore multiple movement languages through the involvement of national and international artists active in the contemporary dance scene. The program includes:


  • TECHNICAL - PRACTICE LESSONS: These will focus on the artistic aspect through specific daily training led by dancers, choreographers, and instructors, aiming to explore a particular discipline, technique, or movement language.

  • EXTRA DISCIPLINES: This includes athletic preparation, theater, nutrition education, anatomy, and general dance history.

  • FREE SPACE: Students will have access to professional facilities and equipment (air track, tatami, etc.) to experiment and create.

  • 8 intensive study sessions and workshops with international guests.

  • Artistic residencies and performances.

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The participants will also have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their bodies through a completely innovative experimentation:

They will be guided throughout the entire journey by a psychologist, with whom they will have the chance to explore their relationship with their bodies, aiming to understand themselves both as individuals and as dancers, by listening to and accepting what their bodies are trying to communicate.


The two exam sessions provide important opportunities for the students to test themselves, demonstrate their skills, and continue to grow both personally and artistically. These evaluation moments allow students to gain confidence in their abilities, overcome challenges, and constantly pursue self-improvement in the field of contemporary dance and the artistic disciplines they engage with.


The opportunity to perform in live shows allows the students to experience the stage practice firsthand, gaining confidence, expressive skills, and learning to manage the emotions of being on stage. This type of experiential learning goes beyond classroom practice, as it allows students to explore the art of dance and performance in real-world contexts, significantly contributing to their artistic and professional development.


Access to the program is limited and only through audition. Attendance is mandatory from September to June, totaling 10 months. The program runs three days a week from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with an additional 7 hours of Gestalt workshops, making a total of 80 hours per month.

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