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Ezio SCHIAVULLI born in 1979 graduated in industrial chemistry; then at the Academy directed by

S.Beltrami continues at the "London Contemporary of Dancing" completing at the Centro della

Danza Aterballetto. Collaborates with: F.Branciaroli (It), S.Beltrami (It), L.Petrillo (It), M.Baldwin

(Rambert Ballet - UK), B.Agati (Fr), Y.Alexandre (Fr), Blandini-Battezzato (Fr), Olivier Py (Fr),

L.Hoche (Fr), Grand Theater of Geneva (Ch), L.Josefsson (Sv), D.Drouard (Fr), C.Bo (Fr),

F.Ounchiouene (Fr). In 2007 he founded the Company Ez3 choreographing 15 creations. In 2016

has been choreographer for the CCN / Ballet de l'Opera Nationale du Rhin (Fr). He teaches

"Physical Movement" technique. From 2013 he became a UNESCO CID member. In 2015 he directs

the Festival Gravina_Murgia Danza. From the same year, with the cultural association RIESCO, he

supports co-productions and choreographic meetings with the "DANZA PUGLIA International

NETWORK" recognized by MIBAC in the three-year period 2018-2020.

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