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In 2012, he begins his training as a contemporary dancer, focusing on improvisation techniques, floor work, partnering, and contact improvisation.

He decided to merge the dynamics of break dance with contemporary dance, creating a physical, dynamic, and explosive style of dance.

This journey led him to collaborate on various projects and join different companies, including Compagnia Adarte, GiardinoChiuso, C.O.B., and Francesca Selva. These experiences allowed him to perform in prestigious theaters in Italy and abroad, including Germany, Panama, Portugal, Jordan, Switzerland, England, and Hungary.

In 2019, he was invited as a guest teacher to the XVI International Dance Course by Budapest Dance Theatre. That same year, beginning his research and choreographic creation alongside dancer and choreographer Jennifer Lavinia Rosati, leading to projects like "Entanglement" and "Kaleidos".

Their creation, Entanglement_Studio 2, produced by Giardino Chiuso/Orizzonti Verticali, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa/PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, with the contribution of Mic, Regione Toscana, participating in the Orizzonti Verticali_Arti sceniche in cantiere festival in 2020. In 2021, they won the V° edition of the "Twain Direzioni Altre" award with a special mention for the quality of the performers and the project proposal. During the same year, they founded "GET THE FLOOR" a project aimed at connecting semi-professional/professional dancers with a network of international artists and choreographers. Together, they established "Zakuro Speaking Bodies Company".

Alongside his work as a dancer and choreographer, he teaches Breakdance, Contemporary, and Acrofloorwork classes, collaborating with various associations dedicated to training young dancers. Currently he is invited as a judge in several national competitions and events and co-directing "The Gate Florence Dance Urban School".

The objective of his classes is to provide dancers with the tools to enrich their own language and understand the fusion of break dance and acro dynamics with floor work.

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