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                               CHEY JURADO

In 2005, he began as a self-taught dancer in breaking and popping, influenced by his father, who was a dancer during the early days of hip-hop culture in 1984.

Over the years, he honed his skills and achieved numerous recognitions from influential platforms and international events such as Redbull BC ONE, Juste Debout, Battle Of The Year, Open Your Mind, Summer Dance Forever, Redbull Dance Your Style, WGTF?, Breakin Conventions, and I Love This Dance.

In the performing arts field, he collaborated with companies and choreographers like La Veronal, Roberto Olivan, Elias Aguirre, Dani Pannulo, Cia Malditas Lagartijas, Jordi Vilaseca, Antonio Carmona, Roy Ofer, Rojas & Rodriguez, Taiat Dansa, and Perfordance.

In 2016, he made his debut as a director and choreographer, creating his own dance piece "Agua" in collaboration with Rotativa Performing Arts, which received awards in contemporary dance competitions like Más Danza, Burgos&nuevayork, 10 Sentidos, Hop festival, and M1 Contact...

These events have contributed to the visibility of his work in festivals worldwide.

Currently, he has a small repertoire of his own well-established works: "Raíz," his second solo piece, "por parte de Mare", a collaboration with guitarist Antonia Jiménez, and two other collaborations, "Hito" with Akira Yoshida and "Samsara" with Javito Mario.

He continues this work alongside teaching at festivals worldwide.

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