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He is born as a Break Dance dancer, winning more than 60 awards in countries like Spain, France, Austria, Argentina, and more. At the age of 23, he transitioned towards contemporary dance and performing arts.

He performed the duet "Azala" with Jordi Vilaseca's company. After receiving the Main Artistic Grant of Navarra, he pursued his artistic studies at the SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance).

As an interpreter, he worked with various companies, including Hungry Sharks in "Hidden in Plain Sight," Francisco Córdova's company in "Physical Momentum," Roberto Oliván Performing Arts in "Cuculand Souvenir," Lali Ayguadé Co in "Hidden," Ceren Orán in "Who is Frau Troffea," and choreographed "Ahotsak" for Ziomara Hormaetxe's company. He also performed with Julyen Hamilton's company in "Allen linea S."

In addition to being an interpreter, he delved into choreography with solos like "Home" and "Burial of the Bark" and co-created the duet "Gizaki" with Lali Ayguadé (nominated for "Premis de la Critica" at the "Recomana" festival, and turned into a short film). He also created "Hito" with Chey Jurado (Audience Award at MasDanza, and 3 awards at Paso a 2), and "The Inglorious Fortune of Being a Performer" with Dunya Narli.

Akira also worked as an assistant choreographer with Lali Ayguadé for the creation of "Shelter" for the "Verve Company." Currently, he combines touring with his own work, tours with other companies, and conducts workshops worldwide.

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