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She begins presenting her creations in the early 2000s with the contemporary dance company "Ritmi Sotterranei," which she still directs. Alongside her career as a choreographer, she passionately dedicates herself to training students and dancers both in Italy and abroad. She is a resident teacher at the Brancaccio Danza center in Rome and the "Matrice" N center in Alatri. She has been invited as a guest teacher at other national and international professional training centers and stages.

From 2012 to 2016, she was a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone for the course "Multimedia Performance of Fashion Events." She also taught at Blåkilde Efterskole in Denmark in 2016, at Normal University in Shanghai for contemporary dance in 2018 and 2019, and at STAP BRANCACCIO in Rome in 2021. In 2020, she was selected by the National Dance Academy of Rome for an artistic residency as part of the Resid'and project for the year 2023.

Gatta stands out for her contaminated and eclectic language and her original and research-oriented style. She identifies her formative and choreographic language with the acronym W.O.M. (where opposites meet), a place where opposites converge and where style contamination is both the starting and ending point.

Before dedicating herself to her choreographer career, she was a dancer in the DaCruDanceCompany while also pursuing her university studies in architecture. In 2008, Gatta received recognition for her choreography from Professor Alberto Testa in the "XXXVII edition of the Positano Léonide Massine Prize for the Art of Dance."

Since 2008, she has developed her personal portfolio of theatrical productions for the [Ritmi Sotterranei] company, captivating audiences not only in Italy but also in France, Belgium, Denmark, South Korea, and China. Some of her productions include "Sospeso tra le correnti" (2008), "Cemento" (2011), "A Mazon" (2013), "Weltflucht" (2014), "Convivio" (2015), "L'uomo dal cervello d'oro" (2017), "8x8=64" (2018), "Keeping Warm" (2021), and "Crolli" (2021). These shows are the result of intensive research and experimentation between Gatta and her dancers, who are diverse in technique, physicality, interpretation, and background.

Throughout her extensive career, Gatta collaborates with numerous artists from different cultures and disciplines, including musicians, visual artists, poets, lighting designers, practitioners of oriental disciplines, actors, and dramaturges.

Her work has been supported by various institutions and organizations, such as the Municipality of Alatri, the Italian Institute of Culture in Copenhagen, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MIBACT), and the Italian Institute of Culture in Shanghai.

Besides her work with the company, Gatta has created choreographies for other centers and companies such as "Compagnia Opus Ballet" in Florence, "Dance Arts Faculty" in Rome, "ArteDanza" in Padua, and "Compagnia Vis Ballet" in Ancona.

In addition to her dance company productions, Alessia Gatta creates choreographies and serves as artistic director for events organized by major companies and institutions.

She has been the artistic director of the FRUSNA FESTIVAL in Frosinone and the "RACCORDI" showcase in Umbertide. Currently, she is the artistic director of the center for contemporary dance study and research, [MATRICE] N, the Brancaccio Danza center in Rome, and the dance season coordinator for the Spazio Diamante theater in Rome. Since 2021, she is also the artistic director of the FUTURO FESTIVAL, supported by the Ministry of Culture (MIC).

Alessia Gatta is also the artistic director and creator of WOM DIALOGUES, a training and production project for generational change organized by the BrancaccioDanza association and supported by the MIC.

Since 2021, together with artist Viola Pantano, she is the artistic director of the DANCING CAMERA section of the ARTSITEFEST in Turin, directed by curator Domenico Maria Papa.

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