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Salvatore Perugini, also known as "Boogiesà", is a performer, teacher, choreographer, and professional dancer. He was born in Naples in 1987. In 2003, he started attending jams and events in Naples, taking his first steps as a Bboy while also expanding his knowledge in various other Hip-hop styles. He participated in numerous workshops and studied modern dance, which greatly influenced his path in terms of choreography, technique, discipline, and more.


Boogiesà began self-learning Popping and Electric Boogie, inspired by many prominent figures in the global scene. Driven by a desire to immerse himself further in these disciplines, he traveled and met two of Italy's leading exponents in Popping and Locking: KRIS and SWAN, members and founders of the GANGSTA BOOGALOOS crew, who became a source of inspiration and enrichment for the funky style in Italy.


He further enhanced his knowledge of these styles by studying with members of the legendary ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS for Popping and some members of the ORIGINAL LOCKERS for Locking. Boogiesà has won various underground Hip-hop contests in Italy, including JUSTE DEBOUT, as well as international competitions.


He became a member of the Italian crew GANGSTA BOOGALOOS (POPPING - BOOGALOO STYLE), which now consists of four members (KRIS, SWAN, SHORTY, and SASÀ). Boogiesà participated in the JUSTE DEBOUT WORLD FINAL in Paris as a duo with Shorty.


Currently, he teaches Hip Hop, Popping, and Locking styles.

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