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Diego Sinniger is a Spanish dancer and choreographer who defines himself as "label-free", feeling connected to every form of artistic expression mediated by the individual sensitivity of each performer. He works with movement using a technique he developed called "muscular consciousness" (a blend of contemporary dance, hip hop, circus arts, and martial arts). He started his career between Spain and New York in the realm of urban dance, and has been involved in national and international projects like Brodas Bros, Uniq, Dblock, A Base de Bases. He continues his training in contemporary dance in Spain, France, Brussels, and Germany. During his time abroad, he has participated in various prominent events such as Varium Barcelona, Cobosmika Seeds Palamos, Festival Deltebre Dansa, and has received teachings from important choreographers including Wim Vandekeybus, Elena Fokina, Peter Jasko, Anton Laschky, Jordi Cortés, Laura Aris, and Francisco Cordoba.


He has worked as a choreographer and performer in DISCONNeCT, LIOV, and PaH, collaborating simultaneously with different companies, including Lali Ayguadé Company for UanMi, Kokoro (a huge public and critical success at Interplay/18), SABA, Roser Lopez Espinosa for Noviembre, Ziomara Hormaetxe for Biopiracy, and Cobosmika Company for O.T.A. and Scrakeja’t.

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