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Adrien Ursulet

Adrien Ursulet began his professional journey dancing for various Italian companies and choreographers such as "C.O.B.," "Cie twain," "Loris Petrillo," and "Alessia Gatta."

After his experience in Italy, he moved to Germany to work at "Theater Pforzheim" under the direction of Guido Markowitz, collaborating with choreographers like Felix Dumeril, Damian Gmur, and Moritz Ostrujnack. Currently, he is a dancer at Theater Bielefeld, directed by Simone Sandroni, participating in productions by Nanine Linning, Fabian Wixe, and Ivan Perez.

In 2016, he was a choreographer for the dance biennial in Martinique with "Chemins invisibles," and in 2017/18, he choreographed productions "De simples Amis" and "After game" for Theater Pforzheim.

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