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She began her studies at the age of nine, studying classical and modern dance at Art de la Danse in Florence. Driven by her passion and the desire to learn new disciplines, she ventured into the world of Hip Hop and furthered her knowledge by attending the Professional Training Course at Opus Ballet Choreographic Center. With the guidance of teachers Lisa Brasile and Endro Bartoli, she participated in numerous shows, events, and competitions, receiving various recognitions.

She enriched her training by learning from internationally renowned professionals such as Mr. Wiggles, Jimmy Yudat, Nelson, Niako Lamarre, Diablo, Bruce Ykanji, Hoan, Jay Gee, Poppin J, Hozin, Franqey, Poppin C, Greenteck, Monsta Pop, Jr Boogaloo, Stockos, JRock, Julie Moreau, Ben Wichert, Didier Firmin, Laure Courtellemont, and Dafne Bianchi.

Concurrently with earning her degree in Psychology, Elena started her teaching experience in Florence and obtained her CSEN instructor diploma in 2017.

In 2018, she performed in Barcelona as part of the "Video Creative Team" project, devised and directed by Flaminia Genoese. In the same year, fueled by her passion for Popping, she deepened her techniques with Kris Buzzi, Luigi Swan, and Simone Shorty at the KC Hip Hop School in Bologna.

As a dancer, Elena continues to experiment and refine her movement quality, pursuing her training with top-notch international artists. Her classes focus on technical development and musical sensitivity, with special attention to expressing personal identity to maximize each student's potential.

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