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After successfully passing all the exams at the Royal Academy of London, in 1980, she auditioned at an international selection in Stuttgart and won a scholarship at the "Ballettakademie Stuttgart" in Germany, where she graduated in 1982.

From August 1982, she had a contract at the Giessen Municipal Theater in Germany. From 1983 to 1988, she worked as a soloist at the Stadttheater St. Gallen in Switzerland, performing in various productions by choreographers such as Manfred Taubert, Martino Mùller (Notre Dame de Paris), Frau Campianu, Rosmary Heliwell, and more.

From 1988 to 1995, she worked as a freelancer and was a protagonist and choreographer alongside Jay Natelle in various mime and dance productions with the Regional Orchestra of Tuscany and the Accademia Chigiana. They also toured in Switzerland with the show "Let's do it" in cities like Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and Ascona.

In 1995, she became a dancer in "The Phantom of the Opera" at the Musical Theater Basel. From 1988 until 2000, she was Maître de Ballet and assistant to the choreographers at the Cathy Sharp Tanz Ensemble in Basel, performing choreographies by Samuel Wursten, Nicolo Fonte, Jennifer Hanna, Itzig Galili, Cathy Sharp, and Richard Wherlock. She also danced as a soloist in the opera "Nixon in China" at the Stadttheater Freiburg in Germany.

In 1997, she became the director of the Freies Theater Basel dance school. She returned to Italy in 2002 and started collaborating as a guest teacher with various dance institutions, including the Royal Academy Summer School in Trentino, Acqua Viva delle Fonti in Puglia, Scuola Demidoff in Florence, Scuola Hamlyn in Florence, Opus Ballet in Florence, Alambrado Danza in Florence, and Elba Danza.

Since 1997, she has been the artistic director and teacher at the dance and theater school "LOFT STUDIO A.S.D." in Scarperia and San Piero.

In 2015, she became the artistic director of the Gala di Danza at Villa le Mozzete, featuring dance companies such as Kaos Balletto di Firenze and the Company of Krefeld/Moenchengladbach by Robert North from Germany.

In 2017, she obtained the Diploma of Registered Teacher from the Royal Academy Of Dance London.

Currently, she works as a guest teacher and is the director of her own dance school, promoting her own course "Musical e teatro" designed for professional dancers, dance students, and children from the age of 8.

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