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Jari Boldrini, after studying at the Opus Ballet training center in Florence, began his career as a dancer, collaborating with various companies such as Virgilio Sieni, Le Supplici by Fabrizio Favale, Thor by Thierry Smith, Nelson Reguera, Cristina K. Rizzo, Letizia Renzini, Marina Giovannini, Elisa Pagani, Nicola Cisternino, Kinkaleri, Stefano Questorio, Sara Sguotti, and Marina Mascarell.

In 2014, he choreographed and performed in the opera "Vesalii Icones," directed by Peter Maxwell, for the Biennale Musica in Venice.

He was a finalist for the Equilibrio Prize with "Ultima Estate" in 2018 and won the Danza Urbana XL 2020 award with "Stanza 1.5 Site."

In 2018, he co-founded the C.G.J. Collettivo Giulio e Jari, a project focused on research and creation of performative formats, together with Giulio Petrucci.

In 2020, he received the Danza&Danza award as an emerging performer.

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