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Jennifer Lavinia Rosati

In her professional career he has the pleasure of collaborating with various realities such as Giardino Chiuso, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, COB, Versiliadanza and Adarte, interpreting numerous productions signed by renowned choreographers and artists (Loris Petrillo, Philippe Talard, Vasco Wellenkamp, Gustavo Oliveira , Peter Mika, Paola Vezzosi, Patrizia de Bari, Tuccio Guicciardini, Arianna Benedetti,  Alessia Gatta, Samuele Cardini, Kristian Cellini…) participating in numerous international festivals and taking part in various short films and video dance. In 2021 he is among the protagonists of the New Year's Eve of the City of Florence "Futura. Close in the distance” and participates in the site specific exhibition with the choreographer and dancer Samuele Cardini, at the Monumental Complex of Santa Croce, a prelude to the project “Dante. The Eternal Poet” by the artist Felice Limosani


In 2021 he collaborates with the duo Meissa Saxophone for the project "Ali"-"Sottovoce".

During these years, in addition to his work as an interpreter, dedicated himself to experimenting with choreographic composition.

In 2019 with the choreography "Lonely together" he won the international competition Città di Spoleto with the awarding of the prestigious critics prize. In the same year she is choreographer for the cultural exchange project Terraparallela (Opus Ballet and Compañia de Danca do Algarve) and in 2021 she collaborates for the Opus Ballet Center on the project promoted by the Institut francais "De Vulgari Eloquentia...".

Since 2020 he has embarked on a path of research and creation together with Lorenzo di Rocco which gives life to creations such as Entanglement and Kaleidos and projects such as ZAKURO_speskingbodies company and GET THE FLOOR.

With the creation Entanglement_Studio 2, produced by Giardino Chiuso/Orizzonti Verticali, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa/PARC Performing Arts Research Center participate in the Orizzonti Verticali festival_Scenic arts in the pipeline 2020 edition. In 2021 they are guests at the Dominio Pubblico Festival and win the 5th edition of the Twain Other Directions award and a special mention for the artistic quality of the interpreters and for the project proposal. In 2022, with the same creation, they are guests for the Tendance, Back to the future and FuoriFormato festivals.


Lorenzo Di Rocco

In 2012 he began his training as a contemporary dancer, perfecting himself in improvisation techniques, floorwork, partnering and contact improvisation. 
He thus decides to seek a movement that blends the dynamics of break dance with those of contemporary dance,   giving life to a physical, dynamic and explosive dance . 

This path leads him to collaborate in numerous projects and becomes part of various companies including "Compagnia Adarte", "GiardinoChiuso", "COB" and "Francesca Selva". Experiences that lead him to perform in the most prestigious Italian and foreign theaters: Germany, Panama, Portugal, Jordan, Switzerland, England and Hungary .._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
In 2019 he was invited by the Budapest Dance Theater as a guest teacher at the XVI International dance course and in the same year he began his path of research and choreographic creation together with the dancer and choreographer Jennifer Lavinia Rosati with the projects "Entanglement_STUDIO2" and "Kaleidos".
With the creation Entanglement_Studio 2, produced by Giardino Chiuso / Orizzonti Verticali, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa / PARC Performing Arts Research Center and with the contribution of Mic, Regione Toscana participate in the Orizzonti Verticali_Arti sceniche in yard  festival
2020 edition and in 2021 they win the 5th edition of the "Twain Direzioni Altre" award with a special mention for the quality of the interpreters and the project proposal; the same year they gave life to   "GET THE FLOOR", a project founded with the aim of creating a connection between semi / professional and professional dancers with a dense network of foreign artists and choreographers. Together they founded "Zakuro Speaking Bodies Company".
Currently, in addition to working as a dancer and choreographer, he holds classes of Breakdance, Contemporary and Acro.floorwork collaborating as a teacher with various associations dedicated to the training of young dancers and is invited as a juror in various competitions and national events.
He is also co-director of "The Gate FLorence Dance Urban School".

The goal of his classes is to provide dancers with the keys to enrich their language and better understand the one proposed in which the thrusts and dynamics of break dance and the acro world come together in the floorwork.


Gabriella Secchi

Dancer, teacher and choreographer began her training at the Florence Dance Center, studying with different masters including the choreographer Angela Bandinelli with whom she began the study of a form of contemporary dance known in Europe as Nouvelle Danse.
He perfected himself with various contemporary masters and choreographers: Susan Sentler, Laura Simi, Damiano
Foà ;, Simona Bucci, Virgilio Sieni, Roberto Castello, Fabrizio Monteverde, Corinne Lanselle, Serge
Ricci, Bruno Collinet.
He becomes part of some contemporary companies including SILENDA by Laura Simi and Damiano Foa ', ALDES by Roberto Castello and ADARTE by Francesca Lettieri; dance in the musical Notredame de Paris. Parallel to her work as a dancer, she holds seminars and teaches contemporary dance for various schools and professional training centers including: Opus Ballet, Balletto di Toscana, Florence dance Center, Kaos Balletto di Firenze. Through the teaching he begins his own research path focused on physical energy where dance becomes risk, instinct, speed, expressiveness ..
In 2008 she began her career as a choreographer by signing the MAC show for the Compagnia  youth Opus Ballet. In 2010, with the collaboration of the musician Giovanni Vai, the project "Research of interactions between dance and music" was born   which aims, through choreographic workshops, to experiment the relationship between dance and live music. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
In 2011 he founded La Compagnia Gabriella Secchi with the aim of promoting productions of sperificazione choreography, with particular attention to the border forms between dance and live music by collaborating in the various productions with various dancers and musicians. The Company debuts with lo  IF choreographic studio with Giovanni Vai on percussion and clarinet. In 2012 with the collaboration of the electronic music group Mooval he created PULSION.
Then he works on other creations such as RI-CONOSCERE, IF and PULSION revisited with the musicians Francesco Gherardi and Dario Castiello (tabla and cora), INTER-ACT 9 with the guitarist Francesco Giubasso and as the latest FRAGILE creation in a male and female version. These productions have been featured in various festivals.
In 2018 the "PHASE" project was born from will to create some groups of work choreographer interested in the research language -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the movement and its artistic expressions, aimed at amateur and professional dancers.


Paola Vezzosi

Paola Vezzosi, choreographer and dancer, has been the artistic co-director of ADARTE since its foundation. His
artistic training in contemporary dance techniques is marked by the meeting with Carolyn Carlson who, following an international audition, admits to the Isola Danza Academy - Venice Biennale, where she studies
with internationally renowned masters.
She starts her career as a choreographer with productive and dance promotion projects in close collaboration
with Carlson herself. Admitted to attend Pina Bausch's Rough Cut rehearsals in June 2006
at the Théâtre de la Ville, she is admitted for the whole month of June to follow together with the dancers of the
Wuppertal Tanztheater the lessons held by the master ballet Janet Panetta, thus deepening the
knowledge of the German Tanztheater.
As a dancer she works for internationally renowned choreographers such as Susanne Linke, historical exponent of
German Tanztheater, and Urs Dietrich, former artistic director of the Bremen Tanztheater - Germany.
The opportunities   to confront and collaborate assiduously with artists of such high value enrich in the
years of her personal path as author and choreographer that leads her to represent her creations in
important Festivals and Theaters.
In 2009 he won, with the solo "Penelope Canti d'attesa", the first prize of the Danz'è choreographic competition.
dedicated by the East West International Festival of Rovereto to the new generation of choreographers. In the
over the years, the value of Paola Vezzosi's choreographies is increasingly recognized in
institutional environments. Many of his creations are co-produced by entities such as the Orient International Festival
Occidente (Rovereto-TN), Elsinor Teatro Stabile d & # 39; Innovazione (Milan), and find artistic residence in
a constant manner at the Cantiere Florida Theater in Florence and the National Center for Dance Production
Virgilio Sieni (Florence). She is hired as a choreographer by major Italian Opera and Theater Institutions
relief as: Arena di Verona Foundation, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Foundation, Teatro della Foundation
Pergola. She is the creator and artistic director of Moving Stories Festival of dance and literature dedicated to dance
inspired by authors or literary texts. The Festival is produced by ADARTE in collaboration with various institutions
theatricals such as the Teatro della Toscana Foundation (Florence), the Theater of the Arts in Lastra a Signa (FI) and the Company
degli Istanti (Florence).

Nicola Cisternino. JPG .jpg

Nicola Cisternino

He carries out the three-year training period in urban and contemporary techniques at the Opus Ballet school in Florence. The meeting with the dancers and teachers Massimiliano Barachini and Elena Giannotti was fundamental for his training. He begins his professional career for the Loris Petrillo dance company and the Virgilio Sieni company with which he establishes a working continuity relationship that is still ongoing. He works with many of the most important Italian companies on the national scene, including the collective CANI, Piergiorgio Milano, Abbondanza Bertoni company, Cristina Rizzo, Kinkaleri project, Company Blu, Anton Lachky company and Roberto Castello / Aldes. To date he is an interpreter for the new productions of Virgilio Sieni “Paradise Now”, Silvia Gribaudi “Monjour” and Company Blu “Inferno”. The activity as an interpreter is flanked by interest and research as an author. He creates the collective Sa .Ni. With the dancer Sara Sguotti. The research group Frames is born together with the dancers Luca Zanni and MariaVittoria Feltre. He is a finalist of the 2018 DNA choreographic note award with the solo "M.", with which he debuts in Cango- Cantieri Goldonetta, in its complete form entitled "Sobotta - Atlas of Human Anatomy". With his new choreographic project entitled "My Lonely Lovely Tale" he is among the selected Nid platform 2021 in the Open Studios section. 

He regularly holds contemporary dance lessons in Florence for sharing training organizations of which he is also the organizer.
He teaches and regularly conducts workshops for the Opus Ballet international training school in Florence and for the Atelier delle Arti school in Livorno.

He has taught and held workshops for Spoleto Danza 2018 - festival and international competition, Supercinema - center of residences and national production (Tuscania), Spazio Katapult (Berlin), Tanzlabhor (Bielefeld), Flic - Circus school (Turin), Teatro Il Grattacielo (course for actors - Livorno), Center AB13 (Marseille), FACE - Teatro Frida - Winter Festival (Padua), Danzarte School (altamura), Echo Echo studios (London Derry - Ireland).

ph DARIO BONAZZA ammutinamenti_2020_vetrina_boldrini-petrucci_ph_dario_bonazza_23 copia_ed

Jari Boldrini

Jari Boldrini, after studying at the Opus Ballet training center in Florence, begins to work as a dancer in different realities collaborating with the company Virgilio Sieni, Le Supplici by Fabrizio Favale, Thor by Thierry Smith, Nelson Reguera, Cristina K. Rizzo, Letizia Renzini, Marina Giovannini, Elisa Pagani, Nicola Cisternino, Kinkaleri, Stefano Questorio, Sara Sguotti and Marina Mascarell.
In 2014 he choreographed and performed the opera Vesalii Icones directed by Peter Maxwell for the Venice Music Biennale.
He is a finalist in the Balance award with Ultima Estate in 2018, and winner of Danza Urbana XL 2020 with Stanza 1.5 Site.
In 2018 he founded CGJ Collettivo Giulio e Jari, a research project and creation of performative formats together with Giulio Petrucci.
In 2020 he won the Danza & Danza award as an emerging performer.


Daniele Bianco

Born in Taranto in 1992, in 2012 he moved to Florence where he began his professional study at the Opus Ballet center. In 2015 he began to work as a dancer for the company Le Supplici di Fabrizio Favale of which he is still a member, later he also collaborates with Opus Ballet, Lyric Dance Company e Interno 5. Currently also dances in  "Iarmeal women love " choreographed by Giuseppe Muscarello.
As a choreographer, his first work  “Guasto”  debutted in 2014 at the Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland). In 2015 he won a choreographic residency at ImPulsTanz in Vienna.
Crea  "Ties"  e  "Utopia XL" for Fotografia Europea 2018 and 2019 and “Von”  for COB Compagnia Opus Ballet. In 2020 he is the winner of the Theodor Rawyler Prize and in 2021 he debuts with "Evol" at Tendance , a contemporary dance festival and Focus Giovani.


Valentina Zappa

Since 2007 she has been part of the “Scuola Del Balletto Di Toscana”. In 2010 he joined the
youth company "Antitesi Ensemble BDT", directed by Arianna Benedetti, participating in all
the productions.
From 2014 she joined the dancers of the company "Opus Ballet", taking part
to the productions of Arianna Benedetti, Samuele Cardini, Philippe Talard.
In the same year she took part in the ROS course, directed by Samuele Cardini.
In 2015 she took part in the feature film "The Rite of City II" directed by Maurice Lai e
choreographed by Noel Pong.
Participate as a dancer in a music video of the musician Michel Fadel.
Since 2017 she starts working abroad (Luxembourg, Germany, Finland) as a freelance dancer
working among others with Jean-Guillaume Weis (Dance Theater Luxembourg), Hannah Ma (The
People United), Giovanni Zazzera, Saeed Hani.
In 2019 she won the “Crossing the Sea” competition with a project in collaboration with the artists
Giovanfrancesco Giannini and Fabio Novembrini.
Participates in the productions "Radio Elvis", "Slide at the Tram stop" and "Soul and heart"
choreographed by Francesca Lettieri, Adarte Company.
Take part in a site-specific project directed by the choreographer Sang Jijia within the festival
Fabbrica Europa and also presented at the Hong Kong CCDC Festival.
She currently works as a freelance dancer.
At the same time as a dancer she is enrolled in the PROGEAS course at the University.
of the Studies of Florence.

IMG_0028 copia.jpg

Roberto Doveri

He began at the age of 11 with classical dance, contemporary dance and Hip-Hop and continued his studies in Cristina Bozzolini's “Balletto di Toscana” school. Continuing his studies he has the opportunity to work with the companies "ANTITESI" (Arianna Benedetti, Florence), "Nuovo Balletto di Toscana" (Cristina Bozzolini, Florence), "COB Compagnia OpusBallet" (Rosanna Brocanello, Florence), "DanceCyprus" (Antighoni Chari, Cyprus), “GAIA” (Enrique Gasa Valga, Austria), “Deadalo Project” (Diego Tortelli, Milan). Over time he became interested in choreography where he had the opportunity to win the "Produktionspreis Theater Pforzheim" and "Scapino Produktionspreis" prizes with the "LUNATICA" choreography for the "34-34 Internetional choreographic competition Hannover 2020" and with the choreography "INTIMA-MENTE" the awards "Merit Award for the new INTIMA-MENTE creation" awarded by Alessandro Rende and "Volterra Danza Award" awarded by Alberto Canestro. Since 2021 he has been part of the "YoY Performing Arts" collective


Elia Bigazzi

Acrobatics teacher in all its forms,   from capoeira to tricking, passing from artistic gymnastics, following the FIPE diploma with the university of motor sciences and in athletic training, teaching in various gyms, dance schools and circus.


Teresa Bagnoli

Dancer, choreographer and organizer of Hip Hop events. She performs in various Italian and foreign theaters (Frankfurt, Barcelona, New York) and in numerous international Hip Hop events. He began his career as a teacher in 2011 and achieved numerous choreographic awards throughout Italy. Organizer and Artistic Director of events, training courses and workshops "Hip Hop Kidz Party", "4Shhare" "Mugello Hip Hop Summer Camp", "Intensive Urban Project", "The Gate Hip Hop Contest", "Urban Gate Show - Urban Rights ”and“ Extreme Camp ”. In 2015 he graduated in Exercise Science for Human Health at the University of Florence. A point of reference for all students, a real Mental Coach thanks to his ability to know how to involve, encourage and guide each student in his artistic and personal path. Co-founder of The Gate Florence Dance Urban School, a real dance school that forms at an artistic level at 360 ° thanks to our team of professionals.

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Elena Piazza

Elena Piazza began her career at the age of nine studying classical and modern dance at the Art de la Danse in Florence. Subsequently, driven by her passion and the desire to learn new disciplines, she approaches the world of Hip Hop and increases her knowledge by accessing the Professional Training course at the Opus Ballet Choreographic Center. With the teachers Lisa Brasile and Endro Bartoli, he participates in numerous shows, events, competitions, obtaining various awards.
In the meantime, he enriches his training with internationally renowned professionals, including Mr Wiggles, Jimmy Yudat, Nelson, Niako Lamarre, Diablo, Bruce Ykanji, Hoan, Jay Gee, Poppin J, Hozin, Franqey, Poppin C, Greenteck, Monsta Pop, Jr Boogaloo, Stockos, JRock, Julie Moreau, Ben Wichert, Dider Firmin, Laure Courtellemont, Dafne Bianchi.
Simultaneously with the attainment of the Degree in Psychology, Elena began her experience as a teacher in the Florentine territory, acquiring the CSEN instructor diploma in 2017.
In 2018 he performed in Barcelona at the end of the “Video Creative Team” project, conceived and directed by Flaminia Genoese.
From the same year, following his passion for popping, he deepens its techniques with Kris Buzzi, Luigi Swan and Simone Shorty at the KC Hip Hop School in Bologna.
Elena as a dancer continues to experiment and refine her own quality of movement, continuing her training with international level artists. His classes are oriented to technical development and musical sensitivity, paying particular attention to the expression of personal identity with the aim of bringing the student's potential to the maximum evolution.

ph_Sara Mautone.jpg

Silvia Giordano

Silvia Giordano is a choreographer and author. She trained as a dancer and specializes cum laude with an MA in choreography from Codarts University and the Fontys School of Performing Arts in the Netherlands. Subsequently he deepens the somatic practices, Forsythe Creation Techniques with Amy Raymond, Gaga Technique with Ohad Naharin and Cunningham composition techniques with Ashley Chen.
He develops a personal language that investigates the sphere of intuition in choreographic practice through the use of visual and sound scores, and interfaces with a plurality of disciplines, from opera, to cinema, to writing. In '20 she was selected among the three emerging choreographers at the Venice Biennale Danza and in '21 she received the Theodor Rawyler award for "Fresh oranges into the ocean", from which the short film selected among others at the Beirut international Patform is based. of dance, at the Tanzahoi dance film festival in Hamburg, with special mention at the Certamen Internacional de Cinedanza. He curates the dramaturgy of Johnas Frey's “Signature Snippets” for EinTanzHaus Mannheim and presents his research “The emerging sense, practicing intuition in the choreographic practice” at the Codarts Research Festival in Rotterdam.
She has a Phd in Management and Development of Cultural Heritage and has been visiting fellow at the NCPA in Beijing and at the Sorbonne in Paris. at the Bolzano Danza Festival and in numerous national and international theaters and festivals. In 1922 he founded La Cap | Re-Hub, a thought and movement aggregator that claims the right  to disconnect, connect and reconnect.

5FF2207F-5444-4399-9DF0-92880EA07EF9 (2)_edited.jpg

Sara Tulli

Her study path was, right from the start, accompanied and fueled by a pure interest in the emotional, cognitive and behavioral sphere of the human being. The cure for Sara begins with listening, not only to what the other says but also how they says it. In the past si  mainly occupied with the support and accompaniment of people with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Down Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Disruptive Behavioral Disorders of Impulse Control and Conduct, supporting them in the development and construction of their identity, potential, autonomy and responsibility, with calmness, creativity and constancy. He currently works  as a trainee psychotherapist at the local To3 Health Authority (developmental age), and in private with psychological support courses. The psychotherapeutic orientation chosen by lei , considers the body and the mind as inseparable, for this reason the work is directed both to the body and to the mind. George Steiner argued that human beings develop language in order to lie better, because lying with the body is extremely difficult. The body encompasses and represents our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and often sends very important messages that are underestimated or judged. Even those who work with the body must have the possibility of carving out a space to communicate with it, otherwise what could enrich them would mistakenly become an obstacle. "The smallest and indivisible cell is the individual in his environment": we are supported by the environment only if we also support ourselves.

Lisa .jpg

Lisa Salmoria

Having now passed all the Royal exams
Academy of London. In 1980 she entered the international selection in Stuttgart and won a scholarship for
the "Ballettakademie Stuttgart" in Germany and graduated in 1982
In August 1982 she was offered a contract at the Giessen Municipal Theater (Germany)
From 1983 to 1988 soloist contract at Stadttheater St. Gallen in Switzerland where he will dance several
productions by Manfred Taubert, Martino Miiller (Notre Dame de Paris) Frau Campianu, Rosmary Heliwell
etc ..
From 1988 to 1995 Free Lancer and protagonist and choreographer with Jay Natelle of various theatrical productions of
mime and dance with the Tuscan Regional Orcherstra, Accademia Chigiana. Tournee in Switzerland with the
show "L et's do it" (Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Ascona)
1995 Dancer at “the Phantom of the Opera” Musical Theater Basel.
1988 until 2000 Mâitre de Ballet and assistant to choreography at the Cathy Sharp Tanz Ensemble in Basel
(Choreography Samuel Wursten, Nicolo Fonte, Jennifer Hanna, Itzig Galili, Cathy Sharp, Richard Wherlock)
Soloist in the opera Nixon in China at the Stadttheater Freiburg in Germany
Since 1997 director of the Freies Theater Basel dance school.
He returned to Italy in 2002 and began collaborating as a guest teacher with various realities in the area.
Royal Academy Summer School Fondo in Trentino - Acqua Viva delle Fonti (Puglia) - Demidoff School of
Florence - Hamlyn School of Florence - Opus Ballet (FI) - Alambrado Danza (Fi) - Elba Danza -
Since 1997 Art director and teacher of the dance and theater school "LOFT STUDIO ASD" in Scarperia e
San Piero
2015 Artistic director of the Dance Gala at Villa le Mozzete with the Kaos Balletto dance companies
of Florence, Company of Krefeld / Moenchengladbach by Robert North (Germany)
20017 Diploma of Registered Teacher Royal Academy Of Dance London
Currently guest teacher and director of her own school and promoter of the "Musical and Theater" course
elaborated by herself indicated for professional dancers and dance students and children from 8 years old.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-10 at 11.32.33.jpeg

Chiara Albano

Within the world of Fitness since 1998 when, together with the degree in physical education, she became the owner of the Injoy Gym which she directed for 12 years. Subsequently, his training and professional growth has been constant over the years   both in toning and functional training and in choreography, with schools of enormous importance on a national level such as EUROEDUCATION- MSP-CSEN-CONI. In 2014 she became a national trainer of step aerobics and toning and PRESENTER With participation in national and international conventions of great importance such as the LUXURY CONVENTION or RIMINI WELLNESS. Personal trainer since 2003 specializes in functional training, athletic preparation and training with EMS TRAINING

unnamed (4).jpg

Annibale Pavone

Graduated in 1989 from the Bottega Teatrale di Firenze directed by Vittorio Gassman, he resides in Florence. He has worked in the theater with Mariano Rigillo ("Enrico IV" by Pirandello), Giancarlo Cobelli ("Re Giovanni" by Shakespeare), Federico Tiezzi, from whom he was directed in "Adelchi" by Manzoni, "In the Jungle of the Cities" by Brecht , all the stages of "Scenes from Hamlet", "Dream of a Spring Morning" by D'Annunzio, "Antigone" by Sophocles and the recent "Purgatory, the night washes the mind", Dante Alighieri, dramaturgy by Mario Luzi . He took part in shows directed by Spiro Scimone, Linda Dalisi, Tuccio Guicciardini, Giovanni Guerrieri (“Who steals a foot is lucky in love” by Dario Fo). With Lino Musella and Paolo Mazzarelli he worked on "Fatal Strategies" and "Who's the King", their next project inspired by Shakespeare's historical dramas. For years he has shared with Antonio Latella an artistic path that began with "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hamlet", continued with "Stretta Surveillance" by Genet and the "Pasolini Trilogy" (he was Julian in "Porcile") and landed in Marlowe, Beckett ( Estragon in “Waiting for Godot”), Aristophanes (Strepsiade in “Le Nuvole”). Again under the direction of Latella he played Starbuck in "Moby Dick" and Kent in "Lear" both with Albertazzi as protagonist, and again Orazio in "Hamlet's Portraits" by Shakespeare, Eunice in "A Tram called Desiderio", Dr. Lombardi in the "Servant of two Masters", Carmela in "Christmas in the Cupiello house", Robert Krohn in "I give you my death, Veronika" inspired by the cinema of Fassbinder and Adam Trask in the reduction of "The Valley of Eden".

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