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International Guest Teachers


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Akira Yoshida

He was born as a Break Dance dancer obtaining more than 60 awards in Spain, France, Austria, Argentina, etc.

At the age of 23 she began the transition to contemporary dance and performing arts.

He performed the duet "Azala" by the Jordi Vilaseca company. After receiving the Main Artistic Grant of Navarra, she completed her artistic studies at the SEAD (Experimental Dance Academy of Salzburg).

He has worked as an interpreter with the companies: Hungry Sharks in "Hidden in Plain Sight", with the company of Francisco Córdova the show "Physical Momentum", with Roberto Oliván Performing Arts in the production "Cuculand Souvenir", with Lali Ayguadé Co in the piece “ Hidden”, with “Ceren Orán” in the piece “Who is Frau Troffea”, and choreographed “Ahotsak” for the Ziomara Hormaetxe company. He also performed with Julyen Hamilton's company, "Allen line S".

In addition to working as a performer he approaches choreography with the solos "Home" and "Burial of the Bark" and co-created the duet "Gizaki" with Lali Ayguadé (a duet nominated in the festival's "Premis de la Critica" awards " Recomana". Also, an opera from which a short film was made), “Hito” with Chey Jurado (Audience Award in MasDanza, and 3 awards in Paso a 2)., and “The Inglorious Fortune of Being a Performer” with Dunya Narli.

Akira also worked as an assistant choreographer with Lali Ayguadé for the creation of “Shelter” for the 'Verve Company'. He currently combines touring with his own work, touring with other companies and workshops around the world.


Diego Sinniger

Diego Sinniger is a Spanish dancer and choreographer who defines himself as "without a label", in fact he feels linked to any type of artistic expression mediated by the individual sensitivity of each performer. He works on movement according to a technique he developed and called "muscle consciousness" (a mix of contemporary dance, hip hop, circus arts and martial arts). He began his career between Spain and New York in the field of urban dance. She works in national and international projects such as Brodas Bros, Uniq, Dblock, A Base de Bases, while continuing her training in contemporary dance between Spain, France, Brussels and Germany. During his periods abroad, he participates in various important events such as Varium Barcelona, Cobosmika Seeds Palamos, Festival Deltebre Dansa and receives teaching from important choreographers including Wim Vandekeybus, Elena Fokina, Peter Jasko, Anton Laschky, Jordi Cortés, Laura Aris and Francisco Córdoba.
He worked as choreographer and performer in DISCONNeCT, LIOV e PaH, collaborating simultaneously with several companies including the Lali Ayguadé company for UanMi, Kokoro (great success with audiences and critics at Interplay/18) and SABA, Roser Lopez Espinosa for Noviembre, Ziomara Hormaetxe for Biopiracy and Cobosmika company for OTA e Scrakeja't.

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Alessia Gatta



Macula Performing Arts


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Adrien Ursulet



Chey Jurado


Ospiti Internazionali: Istruttori di danza
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